Gently Weeps

Title : Gently Weeps
Release Date : September 1, 2006
Format : CD

Track Listing:

1. While My Guitar Gently Weeps (written by George Harrison 2. Ave Maria (written by Franz Schubert) 3. Wish On My Star 4. Sakura (traditional Japanese folk song) 4. Sakura (traditional Japanese folk song) 5. The Star Spangled Banner (written by Francis Scott Key) 6. Let’s Dance 7. Misty (written by Johnny Burke and Eroll Gamer) 8. Spain (written by Chick Corea) 9. Heartbeat/Dragon 10. Blue Roses Falling 11. Grandma’s Groove 12. Breathe 13. Angel 14. Lazy Jane 15. Hula Girl (Japanese movie “Hula Girl” theme song) 16. Beyond the Break (music for the TV network THE N “Beyong The Break”) 17. Wish On My Star – vocal version (Music for the movie “Hula Girl”)

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